๐Ÿซจ NFE Marketplace

Edu3Labs's NFE marketplace provides a wide range of benefits for students, content creators, publishers, and academicians. By using blockchain technology, creates new opportunities for monetizing and engaging with educational content, and also provides a new way for users to own and trade digital assets. Additionally, the token allocation system creates a sustainable ecosystem where everyone is rewarded for their contributions.

For Students

Edu3Labs's NFE marketplace offers students a new way to access and engage with educational content. Students can purchase NFTs for courses, textbooks, and other educational materials, and then use them to access the content on the platform. This allows students to own a unique and verifiable version of the content, which they can also resell on the secondary market if they choose to. Additionally, students can also earn NFE tokens by completing courses, quizzes, and assignments which can be used to access other courses for free.

For Content Creators

Edu3Labs's NFE marketplace empowers content creators to monetize their knowledge and skills by creating and selling NFTs for their educational materials. This allows content creators to earn a fair return on their investment in creating the content, and also to earn lifetime royalties from secondary market sales. In addition to that, they can also earn NFE tokens as a reward for their contributions.

For Publishers

Edu3Labs's NFE marketplace provides publishers with a new way to reach readers and monetize their content. Publishers can create and sell NFTs for their books, and earn royalties from secondary market sales. Additionally, publishers can also benefit from the platform's token allocation system for their books.

For Academics

Edu3Labs's NFE marketplace allows academicians to monetize their research and academic papers by creating and selling NFTs for their work. This can provide a new revenue stream for academicians, and also allows them to reach a wider audience for their research. Additionally, academicians can also benefit from the platform's token allocation system for their papers.

How does the study-and-earn model work?

First, a utility token is issued for each educational platform.

Users buy and stake in set amounts from platform tokens. In return, it provides free access to courses and training from Edu3Labs and content creators. They are rewarded with platform tokens based on their performance.

Users are rewarded with a certificate(Soulbound NFT) after completing all levels of courses and exams.

Users who only lock the tokens for educational purposes can sell them and get their money back at the end of the lock-up period.

In conclusion, Edu3Labs NFE Marketplace is a model that brings together content creators and students, offers attractive commission rates to content creators, rewards investors, encourages students with a learn and earn system, and transfers education to the blockchain system.

NFE Marketplace Revenue Distribution

In the model titled "Example NFE Marketplace Revenue Distribution Percentage," the commission for Content Creators can reach as high as 60%, while the platform retains 40% of the revenue. The percentages outlined below are calculated based on the 40% allocated to the platform.

RateContract Address

Content Creators Pool


Study and Earn Pool










The Content Creators pool is a reward pool created to motivate content creators. These are distributed to content creators.

The Study and Earn pool is a reward pool created to motivate students who pass the final quizzes.

Burn pool created to preserve the supply of NFE token and to increase their value.

The Marketing pool created to promote the Edu3Labs platform.

The Platform pool created to expand and improve the platform and its technology.

The Stakers pool created to allow users who stake NFE tokens to earn passive income.

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