๐ŸŽ‡ Burn Mechanism

The Edu3Labs ecosystem utilizes an active burning model to reduce the overall supply of NFE tokens, which can help to increase the value of remaining tokens and align the interests of token holders with the long-term success of the platform. With each transaction on the platform, sustainable amount of NFE tokens involved will be burned, including membership fees for accessing exclusive content and lessons, savings from exclusive discounts on courses and content, commission fees from sales on the NFE marketplace, revenue-sharing payments from staking, proceeds from investments on the launchpad, prize money from educational competitions and transaction fees on the platform. Additionally, NFE tokens will also be used as the main cryptocurrency for events to be held on the Edu3Verse. By decreasing the overall supply of tokens, burning will help to reduce volatility and increase the predictability of the token's value over time. This active burning model aligns the interests of all parties in the platform, from students to content creators, by providing a sustainable and transparent ecosystem where the value of the token is directly correlated to the value of the platform.


*The legal qualification of such token burning mechanism is not clear at the moment. We will implement the burn mechanism in the future as described above, once there will be legal certainty, that such a mechanism is in full legal compliance with the applicable regulation.

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