๐Ÿ”ฅ Content Strategy

While Edu3Labs set out with the goal of building an Education 3.0 economy, it has positioned itself as a technology provider and has been designed in such a way that the contents are prepared by respected academics, educational institutions, and content developers around the world.


While the content on the NFE Marketplace will mainly appeal to the age range of 16-50, it will include topics such as Web3, Coding, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Personal Development, Mental Health, and Game Design. Edu3Labs C-Learning platform will appeal to professionals with careers in corporate life, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.


In the Metaverse education platform, where visual learning stands out, the target will be the K12 market. While the age range of potential users is expected to be 7-40, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, and Foreign Language subjects will be at the forefront. In Phase 2, subjects such as Architecture and Space Engineering will take place.


In the educational gaming concept, the priority will be to provide a quality and fun game experience to the players, while on the other hand, it will be possible for the players to learn subjects such as algorithms, coding, and mathematics while playing the game.

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