๐Ÿ“Ÿ Token Utility

NFE token will be used to have access to lessons, enter knowledge contests and invest in early-stage start-ups related to the education industry. In the medium term, there will be additional privileges for NFE token holders such as HR services, advisory, and free tickets for networking and educational events. The NFE offers different use cases and at the same time rewards both its students, content creators, and investors with its deflationary and demand-oriented structure.

Utilities from the following section;

  • Access to exclusive content and lessons

  • Get exclusive discounts on courses and content

  • Low commission fee with NFE that trades on NFE Marketplace

  • Passive income opportunity with staking

  • Opportunity to invest in early-stage projects with Launchpad

  • Opportunity to participate in award-winning educational competitions

  • Main cryptocurrency tool for events to be held on Edu3Verse

  • Opportunity to attend events organized for networking

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